History of the Volkswagen Car (The Beetle)


German is well known for a number of things including football and vehicle manufacturing. When it comes to vehicle productions, the Volkswagen vehicle (The Beetle) is one of The oldest vehicle models that is still In use to date. Volkswagen Beetle dates back way to 1934 at Berlin when Adolf Hitler ruler of German commissioned and tasked Ferdinand Porsche with designing and constructing a vehicle that would later become one of The largest vehicle brands not only In German but worldwide.


According to Hitler, Volkswagen Beetle was not to be a privilege of the rich but rather every ordinary citizen and for sure Ferdinand Porsche did not disappoint. When it came to designing and constructing the vehicle model, Ferdinand did not limit himself just to naming the vehicle, he used that opportunity to define terms and standards the vehicle would later be known for including defining its speed, price and fuel consumption among other things. Volkswagen Beetle, however, has come a long way. While this vehicle model and specifications might be like old models, this it has for sure undergone a number of transformations since its first prototype.


Here is its brief history you should be knowing by now.


Despite being commissioned by Hitler In 1934, it was only until 1936 that Volkswagen’s first three prototypes were made- one cabriolet and two sedans. After showcasing these prototypes to Hitler, the vehicle manufacturing was commissioned. Soon after, the location that would be the headquarters for future manufacturing of Volkswagen was chosen at Low Sassonia. It was until 1938 that officially this factory was opened also a new name for the vehicle chooses.


In 1939 the Volkswagen Beetle was formally unveiled in Berlin. It was also during this year that also a large mass production of the vehicle started. As a matter of fact, this coincidence that saw a large production of the Volkswagen Beetle with World War was only a blessing in disguise.


What this meant was that the Volkswagen Beetle would turn out not only to be most convenient owing to its design and construction but also functionality. During this time, the Volkswagen Beetle was put through tough tests but it still managed to come out on top. It was also at this time that different versions of this vehicle were constructed.

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After the war, despite numerous bombs at The Volkswagen Beetle Company, it still was able to resume its operations. With Ferdinand locked up, Heinz Nordhoff was tasked with managing and coordinating tasks in this giant vehicle company. Heinz Nordhoff did a remarkable job raised vehicle productions from 19,000 in 1948 to 46,000 in 1949. During this period a number of technical improvements were introduced; however, Ferdinand Porsche’s initial design was left untouched.


With much success of Volkswagen Beetle, production companies were commissioned around Italy, US, Brazil, Europe and even South Africa making Volkswagen Beetle an international model. Currently, this vehicle is not manufactured around most countries however it still remains one classic and functional vehicles to even been manufactured.